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The Parts of Your Car You Forget To Clean

Your car is your personal roving space and your everyday pal. Aside from being a convenient transportation for work, errands or leisure, it is where you usually eat, drink, sneeze, spill some drinks, step on muddy shoes and even bring in pets..  

While most car owners only focused on cleaning the exterior part of the car, little did they know is ignoring other significant spots in your car means  it can be a breathing ground for bacteria, germs, and viruses or could prematurely lessens the value of the vehicle.

Let’s find out more what parts of your car that needs additional TLC:

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Do you think that cleaning floor mats is enough to keep your car clean? Think twice! Since carpets have tons of little nooks and crannies from backseats to pedals, it could trap a significant amount of dirt, dust, and filthy smell. As a result? a grimmy and foul smelling car. 

A thorough cleaning is important to guarantee that these tiny niches are cleaned thoroughly. Though there are tons of car cleaning materials in the market, it is always best to take your car to the nearest auto detailing shop. These experts have the right tools and cleaning agents suitable to your car.


Nobody really cares that much attention when it comes to boot. Of course, most only focus in making the appearance of the car clean and attractive (common who doesn’t want their car to look like a million dollar bucks?). However, car boots or truks can also  be a breathing ground for different bacteria and germs especially, If you are using your car for transporting garden supplies and other sorts of stuffs.

You shouldn’t also forget underneath your spare tire lid area. This is a spot wherein road salt, dirt, dust, and moisture accumulates over time. A thorough cleaning of these tight space is imperative to keep these elements away.


When was the last time you clean your headliner? 70 % car owners are dumbfounded of this situation. Don’t you know that it could trap smells from smoke, food, perfume or even body odours?  Many people are clueless about the significance of cleaning their headliner. 

Cleaning your car’s headliner can be tricky. You have to be able to use the right cleaning agents and right techniques to successfully clean them or else stains or worst nasty odours could stay. Moreover, different spots require special treatment.

Cup Holders

It would be nice to have a cold soda  that can quenched your thirst on a long sunny day driving. What if you spilled half of the contents into your cup holders? Yes, you may wipe it out with a tissue or anything, but a spilled softdrinks could harm your cup holder’s materials. Calling the experts is definitely all you need to do.

Other important spots of your car that you should not forget to clean are seats, exterior undercarriage and windows. Cleaning is a part of automobile maintenance that is very important. Your car is one of your most essential investment and it is just right to provide the best care and love.