Does Car Detailing Fix Scratches?

A clean car not only reflects its maintenance schedules but also tells a lot about the owner’s personality. Scratches on your vehicle can be a real pain. It can be a source of concern if you unintentionally rubbed your car against a hard surface or someone left a mark on it when you were parking. Your car can lose some of its fresh paint coatings over time, making it appear scratched.

When your car’s problem becomes apparent, it becomes a necessity to fix it. To get the job done fast, you should take it to a local repair shop or choose another way round of car detailing. 

This is where Car detailing comes into play. It’s important to understand the difference between car detailing and car washes. The distinction exists not only in terms of mechanism, purpose, and outcome but also in terms of price.

A professional car detailing service can cost ten times as much as a standard car wash, but it also cleans areas of your car that are inaccessible during a regular wash. The main purpose of a car detailing service is to eliminate dirt that went unnoticed during daily car washes and optimise the car so that it appears like it just came out of the showroom. This entails preserving spotless exteriors, gleaming rims, clear locks, and sanitary interiors.

Is scratch removal included in a car detailing session?

No, it’s not included. In most cases, a car detailing package only includes cleaning. A car detailing store, on the other hand, will almost always be able to patch scratches. They’re specialists with a range of advanced equipment that can do a lot more than just clean your vehicle. Make sure you ask them about it at the desk and make sure you communicate explicitly to prevent any misunderstandings.

Scratch and dent repair isn’t included in the average car detailing kit, because while a car detailer will remove scratches, it’s not included in the average car detailing package. It’s a service that you’ll have to call for and pay extra for.

Is it possible to buff off scratches with a car wash?

No, it’s not possible. Car washes vary from car detailing. The latter is more experienced and intense. A car detailer is a specialist who cleans and improves the appearance of your vehicle with a fine-tooth comb (so to speak). A carwash, on the other hand, cleans the vehicle by removing dust, dirt, bird droppings, and other debris. It’s a lot more direct and exterior-oriented.

Assess and Fix Scratches

To assess the damage, run your fingers over the scratch. Any hairline scratches that do not reach the primer layer can be patched by a competent car detailing service, but don’t expect great results if the scratch is more stubborn. If the scratch is deep enough on your car’s metal exterior, you’ll need professional assistance to patch it.

A car wash, interior cleaning, waxing, and polishing of the car’s exterior surfaces, and other operations such as a steam wash, accessory installation, or tire cleaning are all part of the full car detailing process. If you’re not sure if a car detailing service would be able to address the problem, you can take it to a body shop or a dedicated car garage instead. They’re unlikely to be able to repair it with traditional techniques, and therefore would end up destroying the paint job.

How can you get rid of scratches on your car?

You can repair several scratches yourself using the following methods:


  •  You’ll need to assess the damage first. A slightly deep scratch can be repaired by applying whitening toothpaste directly to the scratched spot. The damage can be restored by repeating the application and rinsing cycle 4-5 times. For very deep scratches, this procedure is ineffective.

  • You have the option of using temporary patches such as car paint, color-spray, or a scratch repair kit. The kits have repair solutions that will remedy the deep scratches on your car and are ideal for one-time patch-up jobs.

  • For long-term solutions to very deep scratches, you’ll need to employ a skilled repair service.

So does car detailing remove scratches?

The answer is a resounding no to this question. Since the procedure does not work on completely fixing the scratches, it just repairs and hides the milder ones, car detailing cannot get rid of scratches, at least not permanently.

A minor scratch may be healed and hidden with a thorough wash and waxing or polishing, but bigger, more severely spoiled scratches may require skilled repair. You may not know that there are different types of scratches, but there are, and the type of scratch decides what steps must be done to repair it. 

Your car’s metal is the bottom layer. The next layer is the primer, which is intended to protect the car’s metal, enhance paint adhesion to the car’s surface, and prolong the life and longevity of the subsequent layers of paint.

The primary coat of paint, also known as the base coat, is added after the primer layer. The clear coat is the final coating, which lets the car’s finish shine. The detailer may or may not be able to remove the scratch depending on the severity of the scratch. The auto detailer may remove scratches that have just reached the clear coat or the main coat of paint.

However, if the scratch extends to the primer level, or worse, the car’s metal, you’re in trouble and will need to call your car dealer for new paint.

How do detailers remove scratches?

Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned first by car detailers. This is done to avoid loose dirt from being stuck in the buffer and creating further marks on your vehicle.

Following the cleaning, the detailer will use their rotary buffer to buff out the scratches with a buffing compound. It can seem easy, but if done incorrectly, it will further damage your car’s finish, which is why you should employ a professional rather than doing it on your own.


Scratches can expose your vehicle to harmful elements. As a result, you should enlist the assistance of experienced detailers to assess the correct repair method and get it repaired. There is a THUMB RULE in the automotive industry. If your thumb can’t catch the mark, it can be quickly buffed because it’s just on the clear coat of paint, but if it can’t, you’ll need a car detailing for smaller scratches and repainting for scratches that cannot be buffed out with car detailing.